Our history

2006 – Wilson Kabeera and a small team of Uganda nationals and international volunteers began outreaches into local projects and slums where children were marginalized and forgotten.

2007 – Wilson travels to U.S. to speak for the first time for the children of his country

2008 – Empower a Child begins a child sponsorship program with 15 children and become a registered non-profit in the U.S.

2009 – Empower a Child purchases 40 acres of land in Zirobwe, Uganda, the first step in community development

2010 – Open a branch of Empower a Child in Nairobi, Kenya, focusing on discipling and transforming lives of children in the slums

2011 – Work with a team of volunteers in the UK to open Empower a Child UK to partner with the U.S. in raising awareness, funds, and looking for sponsors for our programs in Africa

Work with community of Zirobwe to begin a community church, a spiritual home

Drill deep water well, first step to give the community and the center access to clean water.

2012 – Begin construction of church building on site to move congregation from the temporarily grass-thatched structure of worship

Connect well to solar powered pump, to give the community one of the only self-sustaining solar powered well in the entire country.

2013 – Purchase a primary school in the community and begin construction on a 16 room guesthouse to house our mission volunteers and teams within the community

2014 – Open Empowered Leaders Academy to over 400 children in the community.