Our mission

Empower a Child seeks to bring confidence and self-sustainability to orphaned and vulnerable children of East Africa by teaching modern skills, giving the opportunity of education, and enlightening through the word of God.

Our values


We are committed to whole-heartedly following Christ's call and his example of living life and loving others. As we share the gospel and disciple those we work with, our prayer is that they too will come to know Christ more and live out the same commitment to Christ's call on their life.

Team Building

We seek to respect all members of our team, whether a short term volunteer or long term staff member. We work with people from many different backgrounds and strive to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the team through openness and inclusion. Any thought of superiority can destroy the team dynamic. We seek to use diversity as a strength, making the best use of a wide range of talents and viewpoints.

Collaboration and Partnership

By working and partnering with others in East Africa as well as churches, schools, clubs, and people from countries all over the world, we can achieve our goals.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We always must be looking for opportunities and new solutions to current problems. Just because one option does not work does not mean the problem is impossible to solve.

Excellence and Professionalism

We aim to live and work by world-class standards in all that we do.


We hold integrity extremely high in our commitment to the efficient use of resources. We offer full accountability and transparency to our partners, supporters, and the public.