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Buy a chair for the preschool


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Buy a desk for a classroom


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Buy a bunk bed for the dorm

Give to Primary School Needs

Empower a Child opened our very own private school, Empowered Leaders Academy, in 2014. Through donations we acquired three-seater desks and single student desks and chairs, bookshelves, preschool table and chairs. In 2020, we opened the dormitory so students could stay on campus. Since 2014, some of the desks and furniture at the school needs replacing as well as additional beds to add into the dormitory. We continue to work to improve the image of our school, academic excellence and create an atmosphere conducive for learning. 

These are some of the most needed items for the primary school:

  • Three Seaters Desk - $75 (40 desks needed)
  • Bookshelf - $75 (20 bookshelves needed)
  • Bunk Bed - $220 (20 beds needed)
  • Preschool Tables - $60 (6 needed)
  • Preschool Chairs - $15 (30 needed)
  • Reserve Water Tank - $700 (3 needed)