Big Growth in Small Businesses

Sylvia has eight children and both she and her husband are peasant farmers. In the village of Zirobwe, her situation means that despite how hard Sylvia and her husband work in their garden, there is never enough to feed her family and sell for income.

Sylvia has been a part of Empower a Child’s Women Empowerment Program for the past three years along with seven other women. Through the program, she was able to learn how to make beaded jewelry, which was sold and the women were paid for their hard work. With her savings, she was able to purchase a pregnant pig to expand her business. The pig has since reproduced piglets some of which were sold. Sylvia’s plan is to continue selling off some of the piglets to make a profit while retaining the rest and develop a farm of pigs to supply meat in the community.

The Women Empowerment Program also offered several training sessions this year. They helped Sylvia and the other women learn about how to manage their businesses and keep proper accounting books. She learned how to understand if her business if making a profit and ensure its success.

Next year, Sylvia is looking forward to making more products in the new women’s workshop; there will be more space for production and classes! She can also begin teaching other women how to make beaded jewelry and other products so they can save and invest in their own business. With the new women’s workshop, we will be able to reach more women and help them provide for the well-being of their families. 

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