What you'll do in Uganda

In Uganda our community outreach programs focus on vulnerable, underprivileged children and young people in Kampala as well as community development and spiritual discipleship in our partner village, Zirobwe. You will spend most of your time in Zirobwe; however, you may spend some time in Kampala occassionally. Below are a few examples of the areas you may serve in. If you have a particular area of interest in Zirobwe, please let the volunteer coordinator know and we can try to use your skills in these areas.

Zirobwe Village, Uganda

Empowered Leaders Academy

Empowered Leaders Academy is a primary school operated by Empower a Child in the community of Zirobwe. With over 400 students in attendance the opportunity for ministry and educational empowerment are endless. Here are some examples:

  1. One-time Teaching: Volunteers are divided to work in small groups with students and follow a curriculum provided by the school. The focus could include conversational English, reading, writing, and just having the children familiarized with speaking/listening.
  2. Long-term Teaching Position: Volunteers who are planning to start longer may become part of the staff and teach at the school. Subjects could include English, Math, Science, Art, Social Science, History, etc
  3. Mentorship: This class focuses on children who are growing into the adolescent phase of life. They have questions and want to understand more about life. It’s a crucial age as they are starting to face some of life’s challenges, but at the same time, they are still so teachable. Activities range from health classes (sex education, hygiene, etc) to debates
  4. Meals Ministry: The school provides a porridge lunch for all the children. Volunteers will help to distribute the porridge to all ages. This may be the only meal the children receive each day so it is vital to ensure the children are full so they can learn.
  5. Art: The school does not have any copiers so there is always a need for artist to help to create graphics for teachers to use during lessons.
  6. Other areas: You’ll have variety of ways to reach out to children, share the Word of God, and love on them with Christ’s love through play. We do everything from sports competitions, movie nights and worshiping with the children during their school chapel.

Mercy Ministries

Empower a Child serves the villagers of Zirobwe in various mercy ministries. We visit homes, offer encouragement and prayer, deliver food to the elderly, deliver water, check-in on sponsored children, distribute clothing, and more! You will have the opportunity to go with the team to serve these amazing people.


Construction for Change

A brick house, a chicken coop, or a goat shelter can change a family’s life. You’ll have opportunities to participate in construction missions in the village. Construction projects have included building new homes for the most vulnerable children in our sponsorship program, providing livestock and building shelters for goats, chickens, and cows that will provide families in the village with some income.

There is also always maintenance and cleaning that needs to be done in and around the charity compound. No skill is required to help keep the dust down and building maintained that the Lord has blessed us with.

Youth Bible Study 

The youth in the community have a deep desire to know God and understand and follow His word. You’ll get to share and discuss God’s word and how it applies to their lives. The Empowered Church also has Sunday school for the kids and leaders and teachers are always welcome! Come with some songs and games to teach the children.

Sports Outreach

“Sports do not build character but they reveal it.” We view sports as a very important strategy of reaching out and discovering oneself. You can take part in various sports with people of all ages. From simple games like ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ with pre-schoolers to basketball with high-scholars to football games during our outreaches and missions in villages. Sports are a universal language and easily open doors for us to share the gospel. Our sports arm is very flexible and we welcome any new games that you may bring.