What you'll do in Kenya

In Kenya our community outreach programs focus on vulnerable, underprivileged children and youth in the slums of Nairobi.

Girls' Rehabilitation Center 

We often start the day off with prayer, worship and games. Afterwards, the girls are split up according to their age and grade for the morning lesson. The teacher of that session will teach his/her lesson to the girls. In the afternoon session the girls are again split up according to age and grade and are taught either English or basic life skills. They are young and curious as to what life is really about. They are so teachable and we have the opportunity train them in the way they should go.

Boys' Rehabilitation Center 

The young boys at this center are there for only a maximum of three months. Here you will find street boys: some that have run away from home, others that have committed a small crimes such as stealing, fighting, etc. We generally start the day with worship, prayer and games and eventually split up the boys according to age and grade level for the morning lesson. After lunch, we teach English classes or basic life skills. The boys’ favorite outdoor sport is soccer, which they play often! Be prepared to play hard and have fun!

Evangelism in Kibera

Every week some members of the team go evangelizing in Kenya’s largest slum, Kibera. This is an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and hurting people of Kibera. Evangelism time consists of following up with people who are new believers. We share scripture, pray, and encourage these new believers in their walk with Christ. Through this, new relationships are built and stronger Christians are developed!

Breakfast Outreach

We often visit a few schools where we serve children porridge so they can focus on what they are learning in school rather than on their hunger. Porridge is a small meal made of flour, sugar and water and provides a good start to the morning. The children especially enjoy it!

Babies Homes

This is a home for orphaned and abandoned babies in Nairobi. These babies are taken in and taken care of while new families are sought for them. You’ll come to help feed, change, and play with the children.

Primary Schools

You’ll often visit primary schools (grades 1-8) in the slum. We’ll lead worship and prayer and afterwards, the kids are split according to their grade level and are taught the specific lesson of that week. Some lesson examples are: commitment, self-respect, peer pressure, worship, and prayer. All of these lessons are tied in with stories and examples from the Bible so that the kids receive spiritual knowledge of the lesson as well.

Sports Outreach

‘Sports do not build character but they reveal it’. We view sports as a very important strategy of reaching out and discovering oneself. You can take part in various sports with people of all ages. From simple games like ‘Simon Says’ and 'Duck, Duck, Goose' with pre-schoolers to basketball with high-schoolers to football games during our outreaches and missions in villages. A sport is a universal language and easily opens doors for us to share the gospel. Our sports arm is very flexible and we welcome any new games that you may bring.