Visiting my sponsored child

We do realize that taking on sponsorship of a child for years is a big commitment, and your child will greatly appreciate what you are doing for them through sponsorship. Making to a trip to Uganda or Kenya can be a big commitment as well. While it’s not required for you to visit your child we do encourage it, if such a trip is possible for you. It’s a wonderful way to see first hand what your child talks about in their letters and it puts faces to names. If you are interested in a trip to Uganda or Kenya, do contact us. 

We do, however, discourage your child from visiting you. Your child likely lives without running water and electricity and a trip to the U.S., UK, Europe, or Australia could be very overwhelming for them and difficult to process at a young age. However, once they’ve graduated and if they are traveling on their own, we will do everything to connect you together during their trips.