The length of my sponsorship

How long does my sponsorship last?

We wish to see children in the program complete their education through university or vocational training. If you start sponsoring a child in Primary 1 and you stay with your child all the way through, your sponsorship will be 13 years and 3 - 5 further years of university. If you’re unable to commit for that long, try to select an older child, such as a child beginning secondary school. In that case, your sponsorship will last 6 years for secondary school and a further 3 - 5 for university. We ask you commit a minimum of two years to sponsoring your child.

What happens to my child if I’m unable to continue my sponsorship?

If you are for any reason unable to continue sponsoring your child, please contact us. We will begin to look for another sponsor for your child and ensure they are able to stay in the program and stay in school.

What happens when my child graduates or leaves the program?

When your child graduates secondary school you’ll receive a final letter and progress report from them and be offered the chance to sponsor them through university, with details about that program. Ultimately, the child’s parent or guardian has full authority over them and if they relocate to an area where we do not operate, we are unable to keep them in the program. If this were to happen we would connect you to another child of the same sex and age, according to your wishes.