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With basic computer skills becoming a fundamental requirement for any job, virtual meetings and a basic study mechanism in Uganda and the rest of the world, it is evident that computer literacy is equally important as any other subject in a school curriculum in Africa. With the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic and its challenges it’s evident that computer literacy is an essential requirement. With very limited access to funds most of these services can hardly reach the less privileged students in the rural communities.

Our goal is to give access and opportunity to such communities. Giving these students and youth computer literacy skill will give them a competitive edge in the job market.

We are currently holding computer classes focusing on typing and using a mouse; office skills – creating spreadsheets and word documents; internet research – using search engines. Once students have some familiarity with computers, teachers will integrate them into daily lessons.  We will promote community involvement by teaching parents, young adults, and others outside the school how to use the computers through community workshops.

Currently our staff is using 4 laptops to conduct our computer classes. Our goal is to fully furnish and equip our computer classes with at least 40 computers where each child or youth can individually use a computer without crowding and having an opportunity for hands-on usage throughout the class, complete with a generator to power the computers.


1 Desktop Computer = $325 (20 computers needed)

1 Laptop = $550 (20 laptops needed)

1 Chair = $10  (40 chairs needed)

1 Table = $100 (8 tables needed)

Generator for Lab - $2,000

Total goal for project: $20,700