New Addition: Empower Clinic gets a vaccine fridge!

Approximately one year ago, Empower Community Health Centre officially opened its doors.  With all the medical equipment and furniture, donated by you, we began seeing patients on a daily basis, with a full-time nurse and a doctor who comes from Kampala, two days a week.  The clinic organizes medical call-ups such as vaccination day where children under five years get free vaccinations from diseases like polio.

Mothers can now bring their children without having to walk long distances and are able to see a doctor as well as receive free vaccinations, education on hygiene, and prayers from staff and volunteers.  The vaccination program would not have been possible without the generous donation of a solar fridge where vaccines are kept.  These vaccines will save countless lives and is a major improvement in the quality of life for the people of Zirobwe and the surrounding communities.

Your financial support and prayers are continuing to transform lives this community.