Strongholds of sorcery to
redemption in Christ

Zaina grew up in a Muslim family. Her parents forced her into marriage at age 13 to a 50 year-old Muslim witch doctor. In forced marriage she found no happiness, just sorrow. Every day she woke to a lifestyle of humiliation and brutal beatings from her husband. She lost her first child to the Muslim man and later gave birth to a second child who grew in unhealthy conditions. 

The inhumane living conditions of the marriage forced her to escape and she sought refuge in the trading center. She found not only the love of a man, but also gave her life to Christ.

Zaina recalls:

“I got saved because my life was in a total mess. I used to get demonic attacks and tried to seek for healing using witchcraft, but nothing worked. It’s not until I got to hear the word of God and I gave my life to follow Jesus Christ. It’s through salvation that I have found peace; I have found freedom for the very first time in my life, contrary to my past.”

When she got saved she knew she had to change her Muslim name, ‘Zaina’ to ‘Ruth’, meaning companion, friend.

Ruth has a powerful story as she fought from the powers of darkness to a place where enjoys the abundant love of Jesus in her life, marriage and ministry.

“I remember the time we prayed for her after she had severe pregnancy complications. She would often get demonic attacks but we believed God in prayer until she was delivered and gave birth to a healthy baby.” Israel states.

Ruth had a desire to be reunited with her children from the former husband. This is culturally unheard of for traditional African men as they never want to allow children from a previous marriage into their household. God opened the heart of her current husband, Fredrick, to accept this. Today, their lives are a living testimony of how God has wholesomely restored and reconciled them.

Fredrick speaks highly of his wife:

“She is a patient person who understands situations. Especially when our family is facing a challenge like paying school fees, children falling sick, lack of finances among other things. But God has been faithful regardless of the circumstances and answered our prayers.”

The couple testifies that God has blessed the community with a wonderful humble pastor. “He is an amazing model and we are constantly learning from him. I also thank God for the unity in the body of Christ for being supportive. In the moments when life has been tough, they have stood by our side and supported us.”

“God has abundantly blessed us as a family. We managed to buy a plot of land and built a house where we currently stay with our children. It’s our constant prayer that God continues to minister in our lives because we are a testimony that lives are changed.”

The Church is the hope of the world. It’s only God who can turn what was mud and lift it up. God has heard the people’s prayers and cries. He is healing and transforming this community.