Message from
the Director

Dear Friends,

The end of a year is a good time to look back, reflect on achievements and challenges, and also look forward to the great accomplishments yet to come.

On the last day of 2017, I was bound for Africa with an American family prepared to volunteer at the Empower a Child Camp 2018. The camp was the best way to start the year. We prayed and praised our God the Father with the children and youth of Empower a Child. It was truly a powerful week of learning, games, great food, fun and God’s awesome presence.
In an organization as small as Empower a Child, with just over 20 staff working on a wide range of programs in East Africa, it is hard for people to see the entirety of our work. What our staff is able to do to support communities and people is quite remarkable. There have been many moments throughout the year where I have personally been really proud of what has been achieved.
I want to especially thank those of you who travelled far from home to work in remote, confronting and difficult places. I am so honored to work alongside international volunteers and on-ground staff who have dedicated their lives to improving families and communities.

One such improvement is the new Women’s Empowerment structure. Being on the ground and witnessing the development of the Women’s Empowerment structure has been incredible! We are busy planning how this structure can be used to equip and transform lives. Our medical clinic is also now fully operational with families in the village able to come for treatment and check-ups. What a blessing! The Primary School also had 52 new registrations for school! We are so excited to see these children realize their potential and grow.
I look ahead to 2018 with confidence, hope, and resilience. We know that there are many problems: intractable poverty; fragile international security; and outbreaks of disease. But we also know that we are NOT ALONE. Through the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus, we shall overcome those challenges and still continue to witness God’s own hand of provision for His great vision for His people.
This year, we are continuing to raise funds to build a high school for the community we serve in Uganda. A high-school focused on Jesus is greatly needed and we thank those who have supported our high school project already. We were able to raise just over $7,500 in December 2017 alone. Please prayerfully consider joining us in prayer and fundraising to support this school that will play a vital role in every youth and child’s life in Zirobwe.
Thank you for all your hard work and support. I wish you all the very best for the New Year. I look forward to keeping you informed of God’s miracles.
Wilson Kabeera