Bring a

Bring a Bull: Help a Community

There is hardly anyone selling milk in the village of Zirobwe. Milk production and sales are low within the community because their breed of cow only produces a limited amount of milk. This supply is only enough for the family’s basic needs with no surplus that can be sold for extra income.

Through Empower a Child and with the assistance of Ignis from the UK, a high-bred bull was purchased and has been incorporated into the Empower a Child Training Center Farm along with the existing heifers. This bull will allow us to increase cattle reproduction and can be rented out for mating with the cows in the community for an affordable fee. This mating will introduce crossbreed calves with higher milk production, ultimately leading to a better livelihood for the community members.

Through the support of Ignis and Empower a Child, farmers in Zirobwe community can look forward to reaping higher production and earnings from their cows!