A Bed
and Wheels

Jaja wilson gets a bed and wheelchair 

The grandmothers and grandfathers in Zirobwe are spiritual giants, who are a huge blessing to the community. Called "Jaja" in Lugandan, these grandparents often take care of their grandkids, neighbor's kids, nieces, and nephews by providing food, nurturing them, and caring for them, which most of the time includes hard manual labor. However, not all Jajas are healthy, making this task more challenging. One such grandfather, Jaja Wilson, is crippled and had to drag himself on the ground to move around his home. Empower a Child was able to bless him with a wheelchair to help him move and get around! He was a quick learner and was able to master the mechanics after a short lesson and tutorial. He is now up and mobile!

In addition to the wheelchair,  EAC's team in Uganda was able to construct of a bed frame to keep Jaja Wilson off the ground. The project was started by two caring MSTs, Jazz and Dani, who saw his living condition and wanted to help. The bed will be a blessing for this Jaja and his family. No longer will Jaja Wilson have to be on the ground!

Empower a Child was ecstatic to be used by God to bless this family and we praised God for this provision.