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one-time donation

Food for a family for 2 weeks or an elderly grandparent for 4 weeks


one-time donation

Food for one family for 4 weeks


one-time donation

Food for two families for 4 weeks

Give to Feed families during COVID-19 school closures


The leaders of East Africa announced they are closing schools and issuing stay at home orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their countries.

This has left families scrambling to provide food for their children who would have otherwise been in school. There is no such thing as state programs for pick-up school lunches for children in need in areas we serve. Many of the children we serve rely on school lunches for their one solid meal a day. Many parents work as day laborers are unable to move around to find work to provide daily food for their families. 

Our staff has identified 348 families in Uganda and Kenya in desperate need during this time.

  • $60 will give a family enough food for the 4 weeks of school closures
  • Food is packaged to prevent the spread of virus
  • Social distancing will be practiced when delivering food
  • Provides soap for families in need and PPE for staff delivering food

We want to deliver enough food for a family at once so they are set for the next 4 weeks. 

  • $30 for 2 weeks of food for a family or 4 weeks for an elderly grandparent 
  • $60 for 4 weeks of food for 1 family
  • $120 for 4 weeks of food for 2 families

Please help us raise $20,880 to get food to these families as soon as possible.

Update: As of July 1, our team in Uganda and Kenya have distributed food to 388 families multiple times! As many individuals continue work from home it has become difficult for small businesses who rely on much foot traffic making it still difficult for mothers and fathers  to put food on the table for their families. Let's keep reaching those families in dire need.

Note: Contents and the amount of food may vary from pictures based on the location and size of the family.

If you wish to give monthly, your donation will provide food for families this month, going forward your donation will provide for medical, educational, and vocational training needs for the community we serve.