Vocational training and entrepreneurship

While educating a child is the first step out of poverty it is not the last. As education becomes more readily available to this generation, many students are graduating at university. However, the job market is not increasing and competition for jobs is extremely tough. For every 400,000 graduates ready to enter the labor force, only 80,000 find formal employment.

The training center will have computers, kitchen and catering equipment, sewing machines, carpentry and construction tools, modern farming equipment, and video and photography equipment. In-depth training sessions will be offered in all areas in order to increase the students' opportunities in the job market, as well as helping them create their own businesses.

Although these training sessions will give our students an advantage over other college graduates, it will not change the current job market. We intend to start an in-depth entrepreneurship course aimed at training a few select students who exhibit the dedication, skills, and knowledge to start their own mass-product businesses, selling to thousands and, in turn, employing thousands. Students on this course will become job creators with the intention of adding to the economic development of their entire country.