Health development

Many diseases that plague Africa, such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, typhoid and measles are preventable. Uganda’s infant mortality rate is high: nearly 90 out of 1,000 babies born do not live to see their first birthday. Beyond health, mothers lack the knowledge of how to stimulate their children at a young age to give them a head start in education.

We’ve held multiple medical camps where medical teams offer free mobile medical clinics for 3 days. Thousands of people flocked to these medical camps. Thanks to volunteers and financial partners, we were able to finally build a clinic in the town of Zirobwe, providing medical care year round. 

At the medical clinic, we seek to not only provide medical care but health education for the community. The clinic will have a special section dedicated to focusing on pre-natal care, family planning, and children’s health and development so we can give these children the very best start in life. We will also soon have the ability to give vaccines! This major development will help protect children and adults against preventable disease and their spread.